How Chinese American Women Changed U.S. Labor History – Garment worker organizers reflect on the 1982 Garment Strike in Chinatown, where over 20,000 garment workers walked off their jobs to strike for better working conditions. Open City Magazine.

Mapping Displacement and Resistance in Sunset Park – As rampant displacement continues in Chinatowns across the U.S., one local organizer and artist uses the arts & oral histories to resist. Open City Magazine.

While Trump Deports Southeast Asians En Masse, Mainstream Media Stays Silent – Southeast Asians, especially Cambodian refugees, are facing rampant deportations under the Trump regime. Daily Kos.

How to Start Your Family Roots Search – For those in the diaspora tracing roots in China. Based on my personal experiences going back to all four of my grandparents’ villages. Open City Magazine.

Sweeping Away Evil in Chinatown – On the creative arts, community, and activism in New York City’s Chinatown. Open City Magazine.

The Street Musicians of Chinatown – A piece focusing in on the street musicians who sing and play Cantonese Opera songs in New York’s Chinatown. On finding community and home in New York City. Open City Magazine.

Chinatowns Around the World

Chinese Lessons in Havana – On the Chinese diaspora in Cuba’s Chinatown fighting to preserve their community. World of Chinese Magazine.

Entering Realities of the Global Chinese Diaspora: My Year Traveling Solo Around the World – Lessons learned from traveling solo around the world. PUSH/PULL Journal.

Of Motorbikes and Memories – Learning Chinese-Vietnamese history from a motorbike driver in Vietnam. World of Chinese Magazine.

Migrant Murals – Exploring the Chinese-Singaporean history on a 150-foot mural. World of Chinese Magazine.

A Restaurant with No Name – A piece I wrote in Lima, Peru after eating at a family-run restaurant in chinatown & getting to know the family. EMW Bookstore’s Borderlands.


when I close my eyes – On imagination, gender, healing & loving myself. Seventh Wave Magazine.

gardening – On intergenerational memory & my grandmother. Perhaps my piece with the most Chinese in it and a song from Cantonese Opera. The Blueshift Journal.

婆婆 – A poem for my grandmother and all the femmes before me. on intergenerational love and dreams. As[I]Am: an Asian American Social Justice Magazine.


How I Overcame my Fear of Death: Diving for the First Time – On my experiences diving in the Perhentian islands of Malaysia, getting my diving certification, and confronting my fears of the immensity of the sea and our lives. Medium.


Charmaraman, L., Chan, H. B., Tracy, A., Ramanudom, B., Chen, S., Richer, A. (2018). Asian American social media use: From cyber dependence and cyber harassment to saving face. Asian American Journal of Psychology.

Charmaraman, L., Chan, H. B., Price, T., Tracy, A. (2016). Surviving and thriving: Women of color cultivating safe spaces and virtual social capital. In S. M. Brown Givens & K. Edwards Tassie (Eds.), Women of Color and Social Media Multitasking, New York, NY: Lexington Books.

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